3D Printing

3D Printing

3D printing with PLA and ABS in series small and unique diet

A new modality which enables you to turn your thoughts about the ideal customised gift into reality is represented by the three-dimensional printing or the 3D printing. Equal to its name, the 3D printing gives a physical form to your ideas (transferred to a digital 3D model) by continually putting consecutive layers of material in the specified form, the form being determined by a computer. Thus, we obtain a concrete, touchable product, with height, width and thickness or depth, identical with your wishes.   

This entire process of making the product is realised through the usage of a 3D printer. The three-dimensional printer, initially denominated rapid prototyping equipment. Just like the 2D printer, it works based on a file and based on the utilization of certain materials referred to as the source. In the case of the 3D printer, the source is represented by different kinds of soft or hard materials (gum, plastic – PLA produced from sugar cane or cornstarch and generally used for bottles, cups, films, packaging or ABS from which the Lego pieces are made, for example –, sugar fibre, glass fibre), in comparison to the 2D printer which uses toner or ink.

We suggest the 3D printing alternative regardless of the type of the imagined customised gifts. From simple models to complicated structures, in a relative short period of time, we print 3D unique products that distinguish themselves through their quality, neatness and beauty. We can help you create various decorations or accessories for home or for office (figurines with the favourite character or with the favourite monument, statuettes of mythological figures, small musical instruments or animal miniatures, embossed pictures or bas-reliefs, busts, vases, lamps, bowls and plates, paper clips, boxes or cups for pencils, pens and felt-tipped pens or marker pens, stands or holders – for candles, cups, bottles, keys, towels or for toothbrushes –, wall clothes hangers, decorations for holidays or different important events), keychains, fashion accessories (bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings), toys, games (backgammon, chess), cases and covers for cell phones, painting frames and picture frames, promotional or advertising items (logos, mascots, pens etc.). All we need is your artistic or industrial project in a digital 3D version. The project will be materialized in objects made from ABS and PLA. At the same time, we offer you the possibility to find inspiration in or to choose from our gallery with already projected ideas that are displayed in the online shop.   

Designed to suit the private life or the business field, the received orders are taken very seriously (being fulfiled with professionalism and dedication) because we understand their importance to you. 3D-printed at reasonable prices, your dream gifts, for family, for the loved one, for friends, workmates, business partners, employees, customers or even for yourself, surely give you the opportunity to bring happiness, consideration, appreciation and interest (in the company and in people). Equally, they also give amazement, curiosity thanks to this up-to-date method of printing (the 3D printing). In white or with grey tints, these one of a kind products present the palpable expression, the 3D expression of your sincere feelings and intentions. We, honestly, assure you that we 3D print goods which remain truthful to your projects or to the selected projects from the gallery and that your customised goods will not let you down.