Mechanical engraving and laser engraving prototype or very small series

The wish of being able to get the dream gift, or the so-hard-to-find gift, becomes reality also through a method known for its elegance, namely the engraving (the mechanical engraving or the laser engraving). This customization technique both gives style to any special object and puts you in an unique light, especially due to the mechanical engraving’s noble past.

Used, in the beginning, only by the clockmakers and the jewellers, the mechanical engraving is realised through the direct printing of the images, of the decorative elements and of the texts on the plane or curved surface of a large variety of materials. The printing is done by consecutively or progressively creating small ditches and it is controlled by a computer. The mechanical engraving can embellish the wood, the metal, the plastic, the glass or the cork, resulting fine special products which charm the owner or the viewer for a long time. With the passage of years, along with this method valued as classic, a new technique appears and develops. This new technique is the laser engraving and it increases the types’ number of the material used for customization. Thus, not only the glass, the plastic, the cork, the metal and the wood (cherry, alder, fir, nut tree, plywood), but also the leather (natural or synthetic), the cloth, the plush materials, the granite, the marble, the cardboard or the paperboard, the paper, the acrylic masses or the acrylic materials and the rubber can be laser engraved by burning or marking the material according to the requested decorative element, drawing and written message. In this way, the laser engraving makes the realization of special goods which fit into larger categories possible.    

Among all these materials, the wood represents one of the most wanted materials and it is a high-quality choice for the gifts engraving. Mechanical or laser, the engraving technique gives an amazing, an exceptional look to the customised wooden products. But this method do not offer only unique beauty. It gives durability to the engraved image, to the engraved decorative element or to the engraved text, as well. Thus, you bring thankfulness and happiness not only for a moment, but for many years.

From orders with a low level of difficulty to requests with complex engraving needs, we offer professional mechanical engraving and laser engraving services performed with the help of a high-quality engraving equipment and a trustworthy collaboration. We help you customise wooden accessories and wooden decorations for home or office, frames made of wood (for photos, for small mirrors, for paintings), wooden figurines or statuettes, wooden products for personal or official events and for holidays, boxes for different objects, stands made of wood, knife handles, bookmarks made of wood, wooden pens, wooden pendants, wooden keychains, wooden tags with logos or emblems, with mottoes, quotes and with mascots or other gifts proposed by you.  

Choosing the mechanical engraving and the laser engraving, you have the possibility to gift elegant and unique wooden objects whose precise and clear mark remains permanently. At the same time, this kind of printing, which can be felt with the fingertip, communicates, in the business field, gratitude, prestige and good presence, while for the dear ones, it shows or it transmits elegantly attention and appreciation. The mechanical engraving and the laser engraving represent another option of products customization that contributes to the actual expression of your intentions and feelings and that also preserves physically the respect and the loveliness of your thoughts or of your ideas. At accessible prices, we offer engraving services (mechanical and laser), on wood or in wood, neatly performed and we guarantee your success and the success of your customised gifts, as well.