Customize text and image objects in small and medium series

If you want a gift designed only for the loved one and the dear ones, if you plan an advertising programme for your business, if you are a part of a team and you need to show it through different objects or if you just want to own unique accessories, decorative goods and items of clothing, we would like to recommend you our products customization offer.
We can print on any kind of objects due to our high-quality printers. The printing is realized by using the laser printers or the inkjet printers. Equally, we offer the possibility of direct printing, as well. Furthermore, the high-quality characterizes not only the used equipment but also the execution manner of the orders. We invest special attention, care and seriousness during the printing process and after its finish, assuring ourselves that the obtained products are perfect and that they meet all your requests.

We customise, in small or medium runs, with text and/or with image, t-shirts, jackets, hats and caps, footwear, silk scarves, various types of bags (handbags, travel bags, wheeled suitcases, schoolbags, backpacks, document bags or laptop bags, bum bags or fanny packs, cosmetic bags and makeup bags etc. or shopping bags and gift bags made out of fabric, paper, plastic or cellophane), purses, wallets, umbrellas, pillows, towels, writing instruments (pencils, coloured pencils, pens, felt-tipped pens or marker pens), boxes for coloured pencils and for marker pens or felt-tipped pens, pencil boxes or pencil cases, rulers, bookmarks, notebooks, notepads, agenda, memorandum books or memo books, pocket notebooks and writing pads, stickers, tags, file folders, calendars, photo frames and painting frames, name plates, name tags or ID badges, lanyards, keychains, mugs or cups and plates of small sizes, pocket mirrors, clocks and watches, flashlights, padlocks, lighters, various small accessories (fashion accessories, kitchen accessories, accessories for the entire home etc.) or any other good chosen by you.

We consider that the customised products represent a special and a rewarding buy. In black and white or polychromatic, at reasonable prices, these kind of goods give more than just a simple feeling of happiness and prove a high level of invested and deserved importance. For the beloved ones, they are special gifts created only for them, the customised gifts rendering a more profound, a more significant, a more memorable meaning. Thus, the personal events (the anniversaries, the weddings, the baptisms, the graduations) or the holidays and the important days (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Dragobete, The 1st of March, The 8th of March, Children’s Day etc.) become moments which touch the soul more deeply. The businesses become pleasant if, with the occasion of the advertising programme, the offered products wear the customization’s fingerprint. In this way, you show respect and thankfulness to your business itself and to your employees, business partners and customers. The company’s visual representation on goods through image and/or text promises you a pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful professional and commercial life, bringing you success. In a team, the customised products strengthen the members’ bond, they express the contentment and the pride of being part of the team while, for the viewer, they outline or emphasize the group. In the private life, these long-lasting objects brighten your wardrobe and your home, making them more comfortable and, at the same time, the customised goods compliment your creativity.

With the help of the products customization, you make what matters stand out, but, especially, you make who matters stand out. For this purpose, we guarantee that we take care seriously of each and every order so that the requested goods will not disappoint anybody.