Decorative and funereal photoceramics in unique or very small series

Throughout life we remember many pieces of information, events, places, persons, details, but, at the same time, we forget several things. Most of the time we do not want to lose what we consider or what is considered important, valuable, especially when the dear memories are brought into discussion.

A very friendly alternative for keeping a memory unchanged forever is represented by photography and/or writing. Thus, with the purpose of giving more intensity, more life to your cherished moments, we propose our photoceramics services which enable your beloved instants not only to be seen, but also to be felt with the other senses and which make them eternal.  

Photoceramics is a contemporary way of printing photographies and texts on a base made of ceramic (on mugs or cups, on plates of small sizes, for example). From the digital format onto the ceramic object, the printing of the images or of the written messages is performed both by a modern equipment that uses German technology and with the help of a few steps accomplished with professionalism and reliability. Firstly, we need the image or the text in a digital form. If the photo and the written message are on the paper, they can be scanned or photographed and in this manner their transfer to the computer is made possible. The digital image is edited (according to your requests) in order to improve its quality. After this step, the photo or the text is printed on a special type of paper named transfer paper or decal paper while the printing process is executed by using a special device equipped with ceramic toner. Over the paper with your photo or your message, we apply a special substance. Next, the image and the text are put from the paper on the ceramic base. The product is completed by a calcining process at a temperature of about 900 degrees Celsius and this proceeding offers your memory the strength to win the battle against time, scratches, against the sun, water, weather phenomena (regardless of their intensity level) or capricious temperatures. Like this, your loved moments keep their colour quality and their sentimental value an endless number of years.

The most known and the most used in photoceramics is the memorial photoceramics, but the possibility of creating various products of other kinds exists, as well. From different accessories and small decorations, canvases with the beloved one or with the dear ones, with the admired artist, canvases with the favourite landscape or place, with the favourite motto or quote, with the family’s or friends’ cherished message, with your company’s logo or motto to customized mugs or cups and small customized plates, we make available objects which due to photoceramics are able to joy and to beautify your wall, bookcase, study or office, your room, your home, your instants, your days, your life eternally.

Therefore, we guarantee unique ageless goods obtained by means of photoceramics at the highest level of quality just like your memories and your wishes for both the private life (different events, anniversaries, holidays, important days, the loved ones or special places) and the business field (promotions, advertising).

In medium and small print runs, you can choose between black & white and colour printing, depending on your needs or on your preferences, at accessible prices.