Special Gifts

Special Gifts

Each and every second of life is unrepeatable. This is why the human being had always looked for ways of immortalizing certain moments, of making the moment immortal in the world’s history or in the personal history. The drawings, the writings, the buildings, the monuments, the items of clothing, the photographies or the other ways of remembrance help us and joy us down the ages through their preserved memory and through their priceless meaning.     

In the personal life, the keeping of the meaningful and dear memories as long as possible becomes more important. One of the most appreciated and loved forms of celebrating and of eternalizing the moment is represented by the gifts giving. Whether we talk about the ancient civilizations or we discuss the people who come after these civilizations and the contemporary world, the eternal marking of the special personal moments by offering goods is always present. And due to the fact that these certain events are special thanks to the involved persons, the gifts should be special, as well.  

Understanding the sentimental value of such occasions and the sentimental value of the giving gesture, we consider that the most suitable gift is the gift imagined and made by you. The drawings, the cards or the Mǎrțişor created, with the greatest love, by brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and by grandchildren specially for sisters, brothers, parents and grandparents transform the remembrance of time into extraordinary moments which give magical happiness again and again. This is the exact reason why we also decided to open an online shop designed for special gifts.  

We want to help you with the materialization of the perfect gift. In order to accomplish this mission, we offer you our photoceramics services, products customization services, 3D printing services and our mechanical engraving and laser engraving  (on and in wood) services. These contemporary techniques allow your gifts to be identical with your imagined project. More, along with their unique beauty and their sincere message, the gifts obtained through such methods also express customised appreciation and special affection in an actual way, in a present way. In return, the one of a kind gifts receive marvellous joy and gratitude, but receive pleasant astonishment, too, due to the used techniques. The special gifts’ creation is completed by executing the orders seriously and with dedication. We assure you that each unique gift is made to meet your expectations through our attention and seriousness.

Equally, your business can benefit from our services from the special gifts category, as well. Your company’s planned promotion or planned advertising programme will surely receive the wanted positive answer if you offer special or customised promotional products. In this manner, you gain respect and you receive thankfulness (regarding yourself and the business itself), but you also create strong professional bonds (with your employees, with your business partners, with your customers) that last a long period of time. We propose the four methods by which you can materialize the necessary good (the 3D printing, the products customization, the mechanical engraving and the laser engraving – on or in wood – and the photoceramics) and we offer you the guarantee of our professionalism and of our correctness.   

So, the gifts represent special time travels. They bring meaningful past moments back in the present and they give endless attention and endless happiness. You can transform the beautiful journey from the past to the present into a more personal one by offering unique, individualized goods. These gifts are flawless. The special gifts are the perfect choice thanks to their inestimable sentimental value, their unequalled look, their durability, their reasonable and accessible prices and their shortish execution time.  

We advise you to choose unique gifts. Unique gifts for the unique moments of life. Choose to build (by using the special products) meaningful customised monuments in the beloved ones’ souls and in your soul or in the hearts of your customers, employees and business partners. At the same time, for more details regarding our services from the special gifts category, we invite you to visit our website.